Our Story

Times entrepreneur of the year 2020
KGS stands for ‘Keep Good Shape’. Though there is no particular formula to achieve a great shape, you can still rely on a healthy diet. When we say dieting, we visualize a plate of boiled veggies and some salt. Oh no, dieting is not that boring and tasteless. Megha has proved it. She and her team offer some extremely unique dishes from different corners of the globe.
KGS offers types of salads that have desi as well as videsi flavors. Megha has been delivering meal boxes of different salads and helping peeps to get in good shape. A meal box full of proteins at extremely reasonable prices is all you need for motivation.
Megha and her team are into the service from more than 3 years. Their quality of work has gained them immense popularity and a long list of customers around the city. The packaging is so systematic and keeps the food fresh for a long time. KGS usually serve on a weekly and monthly basis with nominal delivery charges.